So I decided it was time for birth control 2 months after the birth of my son. I did a bit of research, (thanks Google) and chose to go the Nexplanon route. Basically its an implant that goes in your non-dominant arm that is supposed to be good for 3 years. So, no IUD that can get stuck ‘up there’, no shots, no remembering to take a pill every day- I was sold!

I have had it in my arm for 2 weeks today. The injection didn’t really hurt, and I am a baby when it comes to pain. It was done so fast, maybe 5 minutes, much quicker than I was anticipating. The numbing agent stung a bit, but otherwise¬†I was very impressed. Then the bruising came. It only took a few hours, and my upper arm turned to a deep purple. I used witch hazel to tighten the skin and heal the bruise. It seems to be healing quite nicely except for one thing…

Screenshot_20170526-214301 (1)
14 days after Injection

You can see the rod in my arm! And yes, it really does feel like there is a stick that will break if you move your arm wrong. The doctor also told me to not lift anything heavy, which is impossible with a new baby. You can feel it and that makes me extremely squeamish. I feel like if I lie on it or move my arm wrong it will break. And it does hurt occasionally, almost like someone is pinching your skin from the inside.

Another thing, this birth control was not tested on overweight women. Well I fall into the category as a plus size mama, but thankfully I have not had any ‘bad’ side effects. Still waiting on my monthly gift to come, but I can totally wait 3 years. So far Nexplanon is¬†great, and it does what it claims to do.